Planting Design


Planting can be part of a build or be a project of it’s own without hard materials.  Consultation to discuss ideas, specifications and requirements will take place to gather information and allow time to discuss any specific needs or requirements.


Specialist advice on plants is available at Landworks as we have a comprehensive knowledge of horticulture.  We are able to assist with selection and sourcing of the right plants for any garden situation.  The implementation of any planting is carried out and chosen with care, using high quality specimens by people who are enthusiastic about horticulture.

We can also can offer hand-drawn planting schemes.  If a more detailed drawing or design is required, we can make introductions with established designers we have professional links with.  A design isn’t always necessary, but when a job is of a larger nature, we would recommend this as it brings clarity to a project and offers a reference point.